Withdraw Policy

  • Players can enjoy instant cash withdrawals after one-time account verification. Any amount collected from the users will be stored in a separate non-interest-earning bank account.
  • You are free to request Gameon11 for the withdrawal of any amount that is to the user’s credit in the Winning Account.
  • An online transfer will be done to the user’s bank account on the file with Gameon11 within a time frame which Gameon11 considered commercially acceptable. The user’s winning account will be debited as an outcome of this transfer
  • It is advisable for the users to present documents containing personal information that proves their name and residence as well as a valid photo ID in order for Gameon11 to complete the withdrawal request.
  • The name on the user’s photo ID should match the name they entered when registering on Gameon11, as well as the name and address displayed in the bank account information, they gave Gameon11.

Contest price and size

At present, there are two formats of the contest(s) on the Gameon11 platform:

  • Public contest where users can take part in contests with other users with no restrictions on participation.
  • Private contests, in which users are free to invite certain users into a contest and limit participation to such invited users.

A user is only allowed to participate in 500 contests at most including both the public and private contests each match. Any participation over 500 will immediately be disqualified. Both the contest’s formats are subject to the rules that are applicable to them.Participants need to pay a pre-designated amount to participate in the contest(s) that are available on the Gameon11 platform. At present, there are paid versions of the contest(s) available on the Gameon11 platform.

Payment Flow

  • The pre-designated platform cost for using the Gameon11 services, which is charged by Gameon11, is included in the payment of the pre-designated amount users make to enter the contest(s), as well as the predetermined participant’s contribution to the prize fund.
  • Prior to user participation in such a contest, Gameon11 reserves the right to impose a platform fee, which will be disclosed and announced by Gameon11 on the Contest page that is being built on the Gameon11 platform.
  • Every time a user takes part in any of such contest(s) on the Gameon11 platform, the pre-designated fee shall be debited into the participant's account. In circumstances where any remaining or paid amount by the user in regards to such user’s participation in any contest(s) or match(s), the user will be guided to the gateway of designated payment to give effect to such payment
  • The sums credited into the “Unutilized” account earlier in time will be deducted first when debits are made from the “Unutilized” account to enable a user to participate in a contest.
  • All funds credited to a user’s “unauthorized” Account must be used within 365 days after credit. Gameon11 maintains the right to forfeit any unused funds that remain in the “Utilized” account after 365 days have passed since the credit date for those funds, free of liability or the need to compensate for the use in any way.

Limitations and liabilities

  • Users must willingly and at their own risk access the Gameon11 services offered on Gameon11. Under no circumstances will Gameon11 be held accountable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred (including but not limited to any accidents, death, injury, or loss of property) by users or any other person or entity while using the Gameon11 services or as a result of accepting a prize.
  • By participating in the contests and using the Gameon11 services made available there, users release Gameon11 and/or any of its directors, employees, associates, Partners, and licensors from all liability, loss, cost, or expense arising out of their use of the Gameon11 services including personal injury, property damage, and whether direct, indirect, consequential, due to some negligent act or otherwise.
  • Users are only liable for any consequences that result from using Gameon11 services illegally, in violation of these terms and conditions, or by providing false information about their identity or other personal information including by providing incorrect addresses or other personal information.
  • Users agree to defend, identify, and hold Gameon11 harmless from any claims made by third parties depending on their interactions with Gameon11 on their participation in any contests.

Payment terms and payments methods

  • All Cash Bonuses credited to the user account are valid for 14 days starting on the day they are credited. After 14 days have passed since the date of the credit, the cash bonus that has not yet been used will expire.
  • Users acknowledge that they will be held responsible for any transactions they confirm on Gameon11 and will pay for them.
  • Users acknowledge that It may take up to 25 hours to process any transaction on the gameon11 platform, depending on how long the bank reconciliations take and any other external obligations gameon11 has outside parties.
  • Additionally, Gameon11 may give users a Cash Bonus for free in order to conduct promotional activities so that they can enter any contest(s), however, users are not allowed to transfer or ask for the transfer or any money into the Cash Bonus.
  • Any granted Cash Bonus must be utilized within the limitations and restrictions set forth by Gameon11 and communicated to the user at the time the bonus was issued, including without limitations on how long the bonus must be used.

Transaction monitoring of profiles

To the greatest extent permitted by law, and in exchange for being permitted to use our services and take part in the contest(s), herby, you agree to identify, keep harmless, and defend it from any claims, actions, suits, benefits, awards, costs of litigation, disbursements, and reasonable attorney’s fee that we may suffer associated therewith, including any direct, indirect, or consequential losses, any loss of profit, and loss of reputation.

  • By publishing any content on your site, you may be infringing on their intellectual property rights.
  • Any other user’s offensive, defamatory, Illegal, or for any content that turns out to be incorrect, inaccurate, threatening, obscene, or otherwise unlawful, whether it comes from another player or not.
  • Use, exploitation, or misuse of your user account on our online website.
  • Any disconnections, system errors, technical issues, delays, interruptions, loss or corruption of data and communication lines failure, viruses, distributed denial of service attacks, or other harmful technological occurrences arising in connection with your access to our use of our website.
  • Access of your user account by another player accessing the services with the help of username or password, whether or not with your identification.

Share all the risk mitigation measures such as velocity, wallet uploads, user profile, IP verification, user age, contact number, location, etc.

To become a user and access our games, you must register with us. We collect our user’s personal data and information. It includes the user’s name, email address, phone number, location, and wallet uploads. Access to our Gameon11 services could be restricted if you do not provide us with the correct necessary information. We also gather data that is not personally identifiable, including your IP Address. Such information is unrelated to your personal data and cannot be used to identify you.